Hope Charles, MBA

Author, Singer, Songwriter

Key Topics of Discussion :

-Keeping Hope Alive

Gain insight in the face of adversity and perspective despite any hardship that comes your way.

-Virgin Is Not a Bad Word

Waiting until marriage is not as taboo as you may think. Being a virgin is something to be proud of.

-Finding Your Voice

Knowing your purpose and your calling in life only happens when you first understand yourself.

-Tired of Being Tired

Many people want more out of life, but very few are willing to do what it takes to obtain it. 

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Life is too short to be miserable and too long to be unhappy. 

​                                                                                             - Hope Charles

As I look over my life, I can see clearly how every decision, closed door, and opened window, has brought me to this very place in my life. Far from perfect, I have learned to bask in my mistakes, as well as my success because they've both worked together to create the person I am today. Who am I? I am a God-fearing wife, mother, daughter, sister, and a devoted friend. I've accomplished success in corporate America, but have found that fulfillment doesn't come from a paycheck, but satisfaction in knowing I've helped someone else in their aspirations in life. I am Hope Victoria Walton Charles. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. 

My Short Biography

Hope Charles


author/ singer/ songwriter/ Motivational Speaker